Alkaline earths

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certain substances, as lime, baryta, strontia, and magnesia, possessing some of the qualities of alkalies.
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EDXRF chemical analysis (with a spot size of ~3 mm in diameter) revealed major amounts of Si, Ca and Al, minor Fe and Mn, and traces of alkalis and alkaline earths (including Sr and Ba).
The plot of chemical data on Trilinear diagram reveals that majority of the groundwater fall in the fields of 1, 3, 5 suggesting that alkaline earth exceeds alkalies and weak acids exceeds strong acids respectively (Fig 2a and 2b).The ions representing carbonate hardness (secondary alkalinity) exceeds 50%, that is, the total hydro chemistry is dominated by alkaline earths and weak acids [6].
Their approach was based on the physiologically reasonable premise that the rate of reabsorption of these alkaline earths from tubular fluid in the nephrons is a direct function of their concentration in that fluid.