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Uric acid kidney stones affect less than 10% of kidney stone formers, (1) however correctly identifying these patients has great impact on medical practice, as alkalization therapy may be an effective treatment and may avoid more invasive procedures.
Filter lime to be used for alkalization of drinking water.
The consequence of extreme solubility of sodium (Na) salts and precipitation of calcium carbonate (CaCo3) at high pH values (that happens usually and naturally) increases salt concentration or salinity (the process of salinization) and raises the pH value of soil solution (the alkalinization process) leading to accelerated soil sodication (the alkalization or sodication process).
2001) employing the direct alkalization of soil rather than using the soil hydrolysate for amino sugar acid determination.
However, new products available in the last few years have changed the game of alkalization.
Uric-acid stones usually are treated medically by urine alkalization, while calcium and struvite stones may need to be removed mechanically or crushed by extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy.
These results suggest that moderate physical exercise without fluid supplementation or urinary alkalization could lead to enhanced crystallization of uric acid and calcium oxalate stones.
From the data available in the literature, it is likely that the higher alkalization power of the NaOH improves the efficiency of the effect on roughage treatment.
HCQ a lysosomal alkalization agent, could prevent autophagosome fusion with lysosomes, which leading to increased accumulation of autophagosome.
It may however be more appropriate to sterilize the raw pulp after the alkalization before the final dehydration to increase the microbial safety, even though the vitamin C content would be affected.
It is unanimously stated that deposition of alkaline dusts and ashes on the underlying surface results in alkalization of soil and input of excess nutrients into the ecosystems (Kaasik et al.
3%), forced diuresis plus alkalization were performed in four subjects (3.