n.1.(Bot.) An herbaceous plant of the nightshade family (Physalis alkekengi) and its fruit, which is a well flavored berry, the size of a cherry, loosely inclosed in a enlarged leafy calyx; - also called winter cherry, ground cherry, and strawberry tomato.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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PHYSALIS ALKEKENGI THIS looks its best late season when it's finished flowering.
PLANT OF THE WEEK PHYSALIS ALKEKENGI This looks its best late season when it's finished flowering.
Antiinflammatory activity of ethanolic extract of Physalis alkekengi. Res J Pharm Biol Chem Sci 2011;2:421-5.
Comparatively, all analyzed species displayed higher reducing power than the edible fruits of Physalis alkekengi (I[C.sub.50] = 36.58 mg [mL.sup.-1]) (Diaz et al., 2012).
A broad variety of plant extract are used for the biosynthesis of ZnO NPs such as the leaf of Azadirachta indica (L.) [23], Cochlospermum religiosum (L.) [24], Plectranthus amboinicus [25], Andrographis paniculata [26], Aloe barbadensis [27,28], the peel of rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L) [29], the root extract of Polygala tenuifolia [30], the rhizome extract of Zingiber officinale [31], the flower extract of Trifolium pratense [32], Jacaranda mimosifolia [33], the seeds of Physalis alkekengi L [34], and so on.
Luo et al., "Physalins with anti-inflammatory activity are present in Physalis alkekengi var.
It also contains the Alkekengi calyx extract and the Padina pavonica extract, two powerful components that give the skin its plump appearance.
Shin et al., "Anti-inflammatory activities of Physalis alkekengi var.
Add some extra autumnal colour with Physalis alkekengi - the Chinese lantern.
The Chinese lantern plant, Physalis alkekengi, produces the most amazingly bright orange papery packaging to cover the orange fruit within.