Alla Nazimova

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Noun1.Alla Nazimova - United States actress (born in Russia) (1879-1945)
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The untitled drama will look at the association of the two actresses with famous figures like John Gilbert, Mercedes de Acosta, Tallulah Bankhead, Alla Nazimova, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant and John Wayne, among others.
com)-- Anaphora Literary Press is pleased to promote Twilight of the Immortal, which tells the remarkable story of early Hollywood through the eyes of Rosemary McKisco, a wayward young heiress who throws in her lot with the great Alla Nazimova, the first openly lesbian star of stage and screen.
Just when his literature professor was lecturing on the plays of Henrik Ibsen, a touring production of Ghosts, starring the legendary Alla Nazimova, came to campus.
The classic film, which was released in 1923, is a visual feast furnished by lavish designs inspired by artist Aubrey Beardsley, and an unforgettable title role performance by the flamboyant Hollywood silent film star Alla Nazimova.
Moved by her plight, Blache brought his family to Los Angeles, where they maintained separate households, though Guy Blache worked as his assistant on several films starring Alla Nazimova.
Directed by Charles Bryant and starring Alla Nazimova, Salome is considered to be one of the first art films to be made in the US.