Allantoic acid

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(Chem.) See Allantoin.

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The pathway by which blattabacteria metabolize uric acid begins with the conversion of uric acid to allantoin, followed by allantoic acid, glyoxylate, glycerate, and finally pyruvate (Donnellan and Kilby 1967).
2] fixation in legumes are reported to be the amide asparagine or the ureides allantoin and allantoic acid (Streeter, 1991).
1] of dry leaf tissue (with a ratio of 2 moles N for every mole of asparagine), and allantoin and allantoic acid are at lower concentrations, with about 1 to 4 [micro]mol [g.
The ureides, allantoin and allantoic acid, were first identified as important nitrogenous compounds in soybean in 1970 by Ishizuka.
Distribution and change in the contents of allantoin and allantoic acid in developing nodulating and non-nodulating soybean plants.
It has been reported that there are two pathways for the degradation of allantoic acid in soybean leaves.