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Then assessment of dual arterial supply to both hands was assessed by performing Allen's test [1] (Modified Allen's [1] test was performed only when Allen's test was be abnormal).
(8) Circulation returned to the hand after 20 minutes of rewarming, but the patient experienced persistent paresthesias and developed ecchymoses and petechial hemorrhages over the course of 2 weeks despite normal capillary refill and a normal Allen's test. A magnetic resonance angiogram demonstrated a patent radial-dominant deep palmar arch.
Positive Allen's test showed domination of the ulnar supply to the palmar arch.
Radial artery of non-dominant hand was selected by 1st performing the Allen's test. On weaning from cardiopulmonary bypass if patient required high inotropic support then femoral artery of the opposite leg of radial artery before weaning the patient from cardiopulmonary bypass.