Allen Richard

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Richard Allen


, Richard 1760-1831.
American religious leader and the first bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (1816-1831).
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ALLEN Richard Westcott Unexpectedly on Tuesday 26th June 2018 at University Hospital of Wales.
Joining the Foreign Service, she was assigned to the Consulate General in Shanghai, where she met and married Vice Consul Allen Richard Turner.
Englemann - Allen Richard Englemann, 86, of Eugene, died Nov.
d/b/a PC Telcom; Allen Richard Liming, Elva Masters, Richard Meade, Plains Cooperative Telephone Association; Michael Midcap, Todd Wickstrom, Wiggins Telephone Association
RIPLEY - Allen Richard Ripley, 64, of Roseburg, died July 17.
Sharpe, Contract Specialist, Phone 301-319-6471, Email Deborah.M.Sharpe2.Civ@Mail.Mil - Allen Richards, Phone 301-319-7668, Email Allen.L.Richards.Civ@Mail.Mil
Insp Allen Richards of South Wales Police said: "The chances of finding her alive are diminishing very quickly."
Allen Richards, of Allen G Richards Funeral Services, Aberdare, said they were happy with the present arrangement and that it was the crematorium's role to decide on any change in policy.