Allen screw

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Al′len screw`

a screw turned by means of an axial hexagonal hole in its head.
[formerly a trademark]
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Noun1.Allen screw - a screw with a hexagonal hole in the headAllen screw - a screw with a hexagonal hole in the head
screw - a fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head
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On the left side of the receiver is a single Allen screw with four markings.
Start by using an Allen screw to remove the small set screw located on the bottom of the receiver near the front.
On my pistol, I didn't have to loosen the little Allen screw and move it.
By loosening an Allen screw, you can move the rear sight laterally in its dovetail.
A single Allen screw holds the riser on the machined aluminum barrel.
However, the friction adjustment (an Allen screw on the underside of the focuser) is not identified in the instructions.
The device is a rotating cylindrical body that is screwed into the mold and can be set to any desired position by means of an Allen screw.
Lift the handle, pry off the decorative cover with your fingernail or a flat-blade screwdriver, then loosen the Allen screw underneath and lift the handle free.
We, however, lay drained and demoralised at its feet, with one remaining Allen screw boring a hole in our nerves.
Tenders are invited for M8 x 100 CSK Head Allen screw with Nylock nut and spring Washer, specn screw to IS: 6761/ 64, Black Anodised, P- 8.
I started with a barrel and a four-set sight on it and deliberately induced differences in Allen screw pressures.
In the top right of the frame, there's also a small Allen screw that can secure the safety in on-safe position for storage.