Allen wrench

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Al′len wrench`

a wrench for Allen screws, formed from a piece of hexagonal bar stock bent to a right angle.
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Noun1.Allen wrench - a wrench for Allen screwsAllen wrench - a wrench for Allen screws    
spanner, wrench - a hand tool that is used to hold or twist a nut or bolt
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Simply remove three screws with the furnished Allen wrench and clamshell the TLR-6 around the trigger guard and the relief cuts on the frame.
Engineers have made simplicity the key in the system, which can be deployed with an Allen wrench to swap out adapter plates, plus the capping removal tool.
In addition to the inserts, the TWM-852XL and TWM-352 come with two spare inserts and cap head screws, an Allen wrench and two CR123 lithium batteries.
Each kit includes a combination wrench, T-type box wrench, thickness gauge, piston spring compressor, Phillips screw driver, flat screw drivers, socket wrench set, Allen wrench, pliers and tool box.
The package also comes with two sizes of hex keys (Allen wrench).
Police recovered from the suspects one .38 caliber revolver with fired ammunitions, two improvised picklocks, a hammer, a pair of pliers, an allen wrench, and two sachets of suspected shabu.
There is a small Allen wrench stored near the action's tang.
An Allen wrench (not supplied with the scope) is needed to loosen the 3 locking screws, along with a Phillips-head screwdriver to turn the collimation screws.
Simply lock back the slide, insert the bent end of the small Allen wrench that comes with the pistol (or a bent paperclip) into the hole in the full-length steel guide rod, and ease the slide forward.
These systems can be set up in as little as 15 minutes with a simple Allen Wrench that is included."