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a.1.Same as Alder, of all.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Like every Anglaise, she is rather pinched and prim in public; but it is very easy to see that when no one is looking elle ne demande qu'a se laisser aller! Whenever she wants it I am always there, and I have given her to understand that she can count upon me.
The marshals then withdrew from the lists, and William de Wyvil, with a voice of thunder, pronounced the signal words Laissez aller! The trumpets sounded as he spoke the spears of the champions were at once lowered and placed in the rests the spurs were dashed into the flanks of the horses, and the two foremost ranks of either party rushed upon each other in full gallop, and met in the middle of the lists with a shock, the sound of which was heard at a mile's distance.
"Je n'en sais rien--ne vous laissez pas aller a de vives impressions--voila tout."
"You're soft, Jane," said Miranda once; "you allers was soft, and you allers will be.
I knows well enough how that'll be,--it's allers best to stand Missis' side the fence, now I tell yer."
Le club tunisien de football, l'Esperance sportive de Tunis, championne d'Afrique en titre, sera oppose au club tchadien, Elect sport, pour le compte du match aller du premier tour de la Ligue d'Afrique des champions de football.
MANAGING Director and Country Manager, Aller Aqua Nigeria Ltd, Mr.
Hamburg, Germany, January 18, 2019 --( ADvendio, a Salesforce-based advertising management solution for publishers and media owners, announces that Aller Media has deployed its application to consolidate their advertising operations for print, digital, out-of-home and events.
Le Raja, qui poursuit sa concentration a Skhirate commencee au milieu de cette semaine, est a la recherche d'un second sacre convoite depuis une quinzaine d'annees quand les Verts avaient remporte le Trophee dans son ancienne formule de Coupe d'Afrique des Coupes aux depens des Camerounais de Coton Sport de Garoua (aller 2-0, retour 0-0).
(LSE: NESF) has signed six share purchase agreements for six separate projects, with three unrelated counterparties, to acquire the special purpose vehicles owning Rampisham, Aller Court, Hill, Forest Farm, Wasing and Flixborough solar plants, the company said.