Alligator gar

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(Zool.) one of the gar pikes (Lepidosteus spatula) found in the southern rivers of the United States. The name is also applied to other species of gar pikes.

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Design the microdiets for larvicultive alligator gar Atractosteus tropicus.
Alligator gar attempt to jump, but rarely get all the way out of the water--a case we think akin to the giant tarpon, where there's too much mass to move too far.
There are several species of gar, but the "trophy" species is the alligator gar. These fish are prehistoric monsters that make for a great challenge.
In 2016, an alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula) was found in Iroquois Lake in Schenectady.
"I learned quickly that fishing for trophy alligator gar, an 8-footer, with him was like hunting 200-inch whitetails.
Other notable catches of the tournament included a 173-pound stingray and a 143-pound alligator gar. Various categories exist in the tournament, such as off-shore, on-shore and kids.
Return of the Gar documents the prehistoric alligator gar, a large fish which has been pointlessly killed in its North American range largely because of its size and teeth, and because oil spills and other environmental alterations to its breeding grounds have resulted in further erosion of its number.
Synopsis: The alligator gar belongs to a family of fish that has remained fundamentally unchanged since the Cretaceous, over 100 million years ago.
In this book for general readers, he explores the science, history, and folklore of the alligator gar. In addition to describing his own fishing adventures, Spitzer reveals threats to the garAEs environment and describes conservation efforts around the world aimed at preserving the alligator gar.
at the Zapata Technical & Advanced Education Center to look at the health of the alligator gar and largemouth bass populations in Falcon Lake.