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Noun1.Alligatoridae - alligatorsAlligatoridae - alligators; caimans      
reptile family - a family of reptiles
Crocodilia, Crocodylia, order Crocodilia, order Crocodylia - crocodiles; alligators; caimans; gavials
genus Alligator - type genus of the Alligatoridae
genus Caiman - caimans
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We also compared our findings with vocalizations of adult and juvenile individuals of other species of Crocodilia (with emphasis on Alligatorinae species) based on descriptions available in the literature.
An Immunohistochemical Study of endocrine cells in the pancreas of Caiman latirostris (Alligatorinae), with special reference to pancreatic motilin cells.
La Alligatorinae incluye cuatro generos con especies sobrevivientes: Alligator, el cual contiene dos especies; Caiman, definido con dos especies; Paleosuchus, con dos especies de caimanes enanos y Melanosuchus, el caiman negro.