Allium canadense

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Noun1.Allium canadense - North American bulbous plantAllium canadense - North American bulbous plant  
alliaceous plant - bulbous plants having a characteristic pungent onion odor
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We purchased seeds from commercial suppliers: Allium canadense L.
In contrast other species were susceptible to heat at low (e.g., above 50 C: Allium canadense and Ruellia humilis) or high (e.g., above 100 C: Echinacea simulata, Juniperus virginiana, and Lespedeza virginica).
The most important of which are Artemisia arborescens (Sheeba), Acorus calamus (sweet flag), wild marjoram (thyme) and Allium canadense (wild onion)." The pharmacist Assem Ghali said "Artemisia arborescens (Tree Wormwood or Sheeba in Arabic) is believed to have medical properties.