Allium ursinum

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Noun1.Allium ursinum - pungent Old World weedy plant
alliaceous plant - bulbous plants having a characteristic pungent onion odor
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Un arall sydd wedi'i ddefnyddio'n weddol gyffredin ydi craf y geifr (Allium ursinum; ramsons).
O'm blaen roedd carped trwchus o'r cra neu graf y geifr (Allium ursinum; ramsons neu wild garlic) ac arogl nionyn cryf yn lenwi fy ffroenau.
The event is the first at Llwyn Ffranc, a community forest farm on the western slopes of the Skirrid near Abergavenny, where visitors will be able to pick the pungent leaves of allium ursinum and enjoy a guided tour.
Made from the broad leaves of Allium ursinum, which is that a wild relative of chives, the product is said to have "an intensive taste that appeals to chefs and home meal makers alike." Go to Hall 6, Stand R-117, to see for yourself.
It probably isn't the aromas of the local Italian pizza restaurant drifting across the area but one of our native woodland plants, known as ramsons or wild garlic, allium ursinum. With its early showing of broad leaves, almost like small hosta foliage, and its upright stem,s with white, typical allium flowers, it forms huge carpets, giving off a soft, delicate Garlic aroma for us to enjoy or otherwise.
Its Latin name is allium ursinum, and it's commonly called wild garlic, ramsons, bear garlic, wood garlic or buckram.
In "All Good Things Around Us," Pamela Michael calls wild leeks allium ursinum, or the broad-leafed garlic, and she says they are perennial throughout Britain, Europe, Scandinavia and the United States.