Allium vineale

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Noun1.Allium vineale - pungent Old World wild onionAllium vineale - pungent Old World wild onion  
wild onion - any of various plants of the genus Allium with edible bulbs found growing wild
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In this experiment a fully factorial three-way experiment was conducted to examine the effect of interactions between an AM fungal community and Sclerotium cepivorum, a specialist fungal pathogen, on different genotypes of Allium vineale. Previous studies have shown mycorrhizal effects vary among genotypes within this species (Ronsheim and Anderson, 2001), therefore the effect of plant genotype was included in the experimental design to determine whether the pathogen-mycorrhizal interactions would also vary among host genotypes.
Allium vineale infructescences were collected from three different plants located 50-100 m apart at the field site.
Diosgenin-bearing, molluscicidal saponins from Allium vineale: an NMR approach for the structural assignment of oligosaccharide units.
Durmaz, Sagun, Tarakci, and Ozgokce (2006) showed that extraction with methanol is a good method for extracting plant antibacterial compounds from Allium vineale Linn., Chaerphyyllum macropodum Linn.
Durmaz, H; Sagun, E; Tarakci, Z; Ozgokce, F., "Antibacterial activities of Allium vineale, Chaerophyllum macropodum and Prangos ferulacea," African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol.5(19), pp.1795-1798
The effect of six different botanical extracts- Orange peel (Citrus sinensis); Bitter goard (Momordica dioica); Garlic (Allium vineale); Mari gold; Hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens) and Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) extract on wheat aphid was assessed in field at Adaptive Research Farm, Gujranwala.
In this study I investigated the effect of phosphorus level on the response of Allium vineale (wild garlic or onion grass) to mycorrhizal colonization across all life stages of the plant.
Allium vineale is a common species (reproductive individuals were present in 21 out of 49 one [m.sup.2] quadrats sampled).