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n. pl. al·loch·thons or al·loch·tho·nes (-thə-nēz′)
1. One that originated or was formed in a place other than where it is found, especially a rock formation that has been displaced.
2. A member of a human population that relocated or was displaced from a particular area.
3. Ecology A plant or animal that is not indigenous.

[German : allo-, allo- (from Greek, from allos, other; see al- in Indo-European roots) + Greek khthōn, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]
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Strike-slip faulting and fold and thrust development along the fault zone is accommodating the active southward advancement of Potwar Plateau allochthon in a right lateral sense.
Itoh, "Back analyses of rainfall-induced slope failure in Northland Allochthon formation," Landslides, vol.
--, (1990), "Exotic thrust sheets with rafts of locally derived strata: Northland Allochthon in Waihou Valley, Northland, New Zealand".
Both with the US Geological Survey, Poole and Sandberg examine in detail two small areas, both less than 25 kilometers east of the Mississippian Roberts Mountains allochthon, but each displaying a different, unique geologic terrane previously undocumented in Nevada and perhaps in North America.
* "Western allochthon": a person with a "Western background"; someone originating from a country in Europe (excl.
These structural provinces include southern Arkoma Basin fold belt, frontal Ouachita thrust-and-fold belt, and the Ouachita allochthon. The study area lies at the transition zone between the Arkoma Basin and the Ouachita orogenic belt and could also be associated with northwest trending faults associated with the southern Oklahoma aulacogen [26, 27].
ABSTRACT: The Northland Allochthon is a structurally displaced rock unit located between Three Kings Island and Mt.
The second chapter concludes by recognizing that the Politics of Belonging raises the question of the politics of non-belonging, the issue of who is a 'native' (autochthon) and who is a stranger (allochthon), which are at the center of the struggle for power at both local and national levels.
The basal units are thrust over a thick allochthonous series of metasedimentary and volcanic rocks, namely the Parautochthon or Lower Allochthon, which has been also described as Schistose Domain.