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n.1.See Allodium.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This will be the focus of future experiments conducted at Allod Werkstoff GmbH.
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In the White Sea North, for example, the predominance on the land of sokha-taxed state peasants (chernososhnye liudi) and the underdevelopment of votchina or pomest'e landholding by servicemen required that the chancelleries allow peasants to alienate their allotments as if they were de facto allods and permit the spread of fiscal self-administration by elected zemskii officials on a wider scale than in other regions.
This includes players of Silk Road, Conquer, Khan Wars, Point Blank, Rohan, World War Craft, CrossFire, Rappelz, Allods, Cultures, Wolfteam, World of Tanks, The lost titans, City of Steam, Nexon Games, Zynga, CityVille, Knights of Glory, League of Legends and CandyCrush Saga, amongst others.
The intendants' trumped-up claims to tax the allods forced the Dijonnais avocats not only to do research but to celebrate what was, for them, a living feudal jurisprudence.
(Paris, 1987), ii, 225-31, for peasant survival; Barthelemy, La Societe dans le comte de Venedome 352-61, 441-50, for an area with few peasant allods already in 1000.
The first issue will include a poster and an Allods game DVD.