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n.1.See Allodium.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Allodial Title Rights: The allodial interest is the highest interest or right that exists in customary land, which is not subject to any restrictions on the rights of users or obligations other than restrictions or obligations, which are imposed by statute.
For example, Justice McDermid suggested that "if it had been the intention of Parliament to allow caveats to be filed against the allodial title of the Crown it would have used more appropriate and exact wording." (170) Justice Clement relied on the ejusdem generis rule of statutory interpretation to conclude that an Aboriginal interest was not the type of interest in land for which a caveat could be filed.
(17) The Beo Rana thus has customary political authority over his subjects in Beo and the allodial title to the land they occupy.
Those four categories are the allodial title, the freehold title, leaseholds, and other lesser interests in land.
(169) In the context of land ownership, allodial title indicates that the land is held in the possession of the owner without being subject to a feudal superior.
(156) Much as the Crown holds a radical or allodial title to all lands, making it the ultimate "owner" of the land, so now do the Nisga'a.
Since Nkrumah's fall from power in 1966, chiefs have played the allodial title card for all it's worth, inserting themselves into the allocation of both rural and urban land, demanding (and getting) 'tribute' equivalent to the going market price of land in exchange for ratifying land transactions, and parlaying the resulting accumulation of wealth and influence into de facto social and political power.