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Nothing like it has been seen on earth since trembling Tam O'Shanter saw the devil and the witches at their orgies that stormy night in "Alloway's auld haunted kirk."
From his northern home he drifted to Ayrshire, and settled down in the village of Alloway as a gardener.
At six Robert went daily to school, and when the master was sent away somewhere else, and the village of Alloway was left without any teacher, William Burns and four neighbors joined together to pay for one.
Alloway Grove has been made famous worldwide in a song by Paolo Nutuni.
The golden plaudits went to the butchers' delicious Alloway Pie - marking it among Scotland's upper crust.
Michael Angus, 18, of Alloway Road, Dumfries, and 19-year-old Jamielee Tregartha, of Woodside Court, Dalbeattie, pleaded not guilty to shouting and making threats of violence towards a man at Alloway Avenue and repeatedly banging on his door in September.
Tracy Alloway, from the University of North Florida, investigated the relationship among adult Social media users, between ages 18 and 50, and found that some features are linked to selfishness and some activities may encourage empathy, said the study published in Social Networking.
Alloway - Guy Melvin Alloway, 69, of Veneta, died Oct.
Today, State Senator Richard Alloway and State Representative Tedd Nesbit announced the introduction of legislation to mandate the electronic prescribing of opioid medications.
He will also be joined on air by Tracy Alloway, executive editor of Bloomberg Markets, who contributes to the programme from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.