n.1.An approver or abettor.
2.One who allows or permits.
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Had the Academy, and other editors since, allower the "errors" and "contradictions" to stand, we readers could see the whole range of Cervantes' satire.
cases, (89) the allower leaves the world pretty much where it was headed
contributors, omitters and allowers (whether partial or full), riskers,
appoint general leys de governer kingdomes doit allower particular leys
Blue-shirted allowers are supported with endless firepower, right behind the curtain .
quite a clear distinction between allowers and refusers.
Invention and cutting-edge technologies are main strategic allowers to devise solutions that will aid us to fulfill rising energy demand in the future and to turn the industry s challenges into chances, said Khalid Al-Falih, president and CEO of Saudi Aramco.
According to documents, Radio Pakistan director administration Maqbool Hussain took over as executive director PBC with the approval of DG Radio Murtaza Solangi on January 1st this year besides his post and after that approved 20 percent additional charge, on which the director administration is allowers and receiver.
This current work has the aim of guiding San Marcos University Researchers in all issues regarding industrial copyright which are economy generators and at the same time allowers university Quality accreditation and social pertinence.
The fee allowers users to access the scrambled files, as large as 500 megabytes, then unlock them with a password valid for 24 hours.