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n.1.A match for lighting candles, lamps, etc.
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Laurie sold his busts, made allumettes of his opera, and went back to Paris, hoping somebody would arrive before long.
Penrose Studios has created two animated shorts for most VR platforms: The Rose and I and the excellent Allumette combine crude stop-motion-style graphics with engaging stories and a genuinely novel vantage point in which the viewer seems to hover in space; the Vive's motion tracking especially allows you to lean in, peer around, and get up close to the characters.
Allumette, which also premiered at Tribeca, is a 20-minute silent animated virtual reality experience that uses the technology to summon a sense of discovery, awe, and almost unbelievable grief.
Our favorite was Allumette (1974), an odd and beautiful reimagining of Andersen's "Little Match Girl," in which the protagonist, a homeless orphan, doesn't perish but instead finds her every wish fulfilled by a mysterious celestial cornucopia.
Etched into the surface are lines and explanations to guarantee you won't end up with allumette when the recipe specifically called for brunoise
Il y a la evocation d'un savoir deja-vu (acquis mais realise par l'autre) oU elle montre les liens etablis entre bougie, allumette et la production d'une lumiere comme <<fait>> a venir.
Neither remembered this, neck flushed allumette profusion, caressment.
When used with potatoes, this cut is sometimes referred to as an allumette (French for matchstick).
ZYGOTIC Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, an indie band from Carmarthen, got together in 1991, released their first cassette Allumette and developed a cult following.
La petite fille, seule dans la nuit (non loin metaphoriquement de la position du poete), revit, par la lumiere de chaque allumette frottee, une partie de son passe ou quelque beau reve.
Quelqu'un a suggere de jeter une allumette sur la nappe de petrole qui se deversait du tuyau de la Penn Central et de faire sauter ce tuyau.
Valeria sinks into despair: "La vie la quittait telle de l'eau qui s'ecoulerait d'un verre transparent, obeissant a l'injonction d'un illusionniste: cette vie que l'on dissipe en pierres multicolores, en papotages, en reves etranges et insaisissables, en maux de dents et en volutes de fumee s'elevant d'une allumette fraichement eteinte.