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In comparatively analyzing allusory and allegorical references to BNW, Lynch shows how the former "allow a broader range of engagement and disputation" through varied "affective and cognitive associations," while traditional instances of allegory close or restrict deliberation by reinforcing conservative bioethics through a "narrow authoritarian reading" of the novel.
While many versions do not reference the destruction of humanity at all, others contain what England terms an allusory visual reference.
Dark sheets fall on it, around it, from it,sculptural and structured, illusory and allusory. I move out of sight ofthe bus because I am asked to.
Successive chapters then consider the different manifestations of intertextuality in presidential speeches: discursive, thematic, hypotextual, and allusory. There are fascinating nuggets for the aficionado.
All these songs are well-crafted, sometimes allusory (Chopin, "The Last Post"), and they were performed with devoted dedication.
Instead, meaning inheres in the surface of an ever-changing web of signs, making all language acts essentially provisional and allusory. Die monument, die klaarvoltooide bouwerk, sal dus op die oog af as 'n leesmatige teks in Barthes se terminologie bestempel word, maar wanneer die leser/kyker (1) die monument aan die hand van Barthes se S/Z lees, word dit 'n skryfmatige teks.
These satirical tendencies arguably generate lightness in the structure of At Swim-Two-Birds by subtracting the weighty traditions of reading we inherited from realism in the nineteenth century and the allusory impulses of the early twentieth, to demand that we learn to read fictions like O'Brien's in new ways.
(99) Michael Snape's study of popular religious practice in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Lancashire highlights this issue: Although a tiny amount of allusory evidence exists to suggest a peripheral belief in astrology and in "Faery mythology," ...
She points out that this allusory criticism is also prevalent in the izangelo (izibongo of infancy) which are normally recited in front of audiences comprising women only.
Waugh enjoys carrying the allusory joke further, at Rex Mottram's expense, for Rex's turtle is set with diamonds, a stone des Esseintes specifically rejects as too bourgeois: "The choice of the stones gave him pause; the diamond had grown singularly hackneyed now that every business man wears one on his little finger" (54).
Brooke analyzes various kinds of scriptural interpretation in the Qumran wisdom texts (mostly allusory but there are other types, even halakhic exegesis).