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Noun1.alluvial plain - a flat resulting from repeated deposits of alluvial material by running water
flat - a level tract of land; "the salt flats of Utah"
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Pleistocene-Holocene Sakhi Sarwar Group represents Dada (conglomerate) and Sakhi Sarwar (clays, sandstone and conglomerates) formations; alluvial terraces, fans and alluvial plains.
At river bed the bedrock lied 5.5 meters beneath the coarse grains of alluvium while in abutments, it may be found beneath the slope washes of old alluvial terraces, while it is underlying the old alluvial terraces beyond the contour of 2160 masl [11].
The alluvial terraces deposited by Bou Hamdane and Seybous rivers constitute the quaternary cycle of the Guelma seismogenic basin.