alluvial fan

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alluvial fan

A fan-shaped accumulation of alluvium deposited at the mouth of a ravine or at the juncture of a tributary stream with the main stream.
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alluvial fan


alluvial cone

(Geological Science) a fan-shaped accumulation of silt, sand, gravel, and boulders deposited by fast-flowing mountain rivers when they reach flatter land
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allu′vial fan′

a fan-shaped alluvial deposit formed by a stream where its velocity is abruptly decreased, as at the mouth of a ravine.
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al·lu·vi·al fan

A fan-shaped mass of sediment, especially silt, sand, gravel, and boulders, deposited by a river when its flow is suddenly slowed. Alluvial fans typically form where a river pours out from a steep valley through mountains onto a flat plain. Unlike deltas, they are not deposited into a body of standing water.
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Noun1.alluvial fan - a fan-shaped deposit where a fast flowing stream flattens out
geological phenomenon - a natural phenomenon involving the structure or composition of the earth
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These were the first surveys conducted over these targets and cover alluvial fans interpreted by the company to overlie prospective salar.
The groundwater mainly receives vertical infiltration from rivers in the alluvial fans as well as lateral supply from channel seepage, infiltration of irrigation water, and water from bedrock fissures [22].
In reaction, Project NOAH compiled all 'alluvial fan areas' in the country, with more than 1,200 alluvial fans identified throughout the country.
"The alluvial fans, hillsides, valley floor, and washes were covered with solid carpets of flowers that went on for miles and miles," he said.
The other strand of the CAF is located to the north, named the Canaricos-Cuevas del Norte Fault, which offsets the Middle to Late Pleistocene alluvial fans coming from the range (Silva, 1994).
These highly rated soils were most abundant on broad alluvial fans on the east side of the Central Valley stemming from the Mokelumne, Stanislaus, Merced, Kern and Kings rivers (fig.
These classes also correspond well to the areas with prominent scarps of tectonic origin, triangular facets, deformed alluvial fans, and deep narrow gorges.
The landscape on Indio Mountains Research Station is composed of rocky terrain with mountainous outcrops cut by deep arroyos and alluvial fans; elevations range from ca.
An extensive series of low angle bahadas, (alluvial plains formed along the mountain front as a result of the lateral growth and coalescence of adjacent alluvial fans), extend out between 10 and 16 km from the front of the Hajar Mountains across the Mleiha-Madam plain.
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