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(Chemistry) chem
a. oxidation by exposure to atmospheric oxygen
b. oxidation that will only occur when another oxidation reaction is taking place in the same system


(ɔˌtɒk sɪˈdeɪ ʃən)

the oxidation of a compound by exposure to air.
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We were attracted to substrate that can be susceptible to an allylic hydrogen abstraction to form an allylic radical based on our compounds that containing an allylic N- or S-substituent.
As abstraction may be the dominant mechanism, there is a higher allylic hydrogen concentration in isoprene (7 vs.
Pharmacological studies have demonstrated that andrographolide supports conceptual hydrogen transfer, which would be thermodynamically favoured for its allylic hydrogen on carbon C-11.
It has been suggested that the loss in scorch safety is primarily attributed to the elimination of degradative chain transfer reactions as the groups of Type I coagents quickly react with the alkoxy radical and do not possess an allylic hydrogen.