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Hunt and his party were sojourning at the village of the Omahas, three Sioux Indians of the Yankton Alma tribe arrived, bringing unpleasant intelligence.
She had the small regular features, the blue eyes, and the broad low brow, which the Victorian painters, Lord Leighton, Alma Tadema, and a hundred others, induced the world they lived in to accept as a type of Greek beauty.
I am forced to admit that even though I had traveled a long distance to place Bowen Tyler's manuscript in the hands of his father, I was still a trifle skeptical as to its sincerity, since I could not but recall that it had not been many years since Bowen had been one of the most notorious practical jokers of his alma mater.
For a single illustration, the description of the House of Alma in Book II, Canto Nine, is a tediously literal medieval allegory of the Soul and Body; and occasional realistic details here and there in the poem at large are merely repellent to more modern taste.
And up the heights came the Saxons, as they did at the Alma.
It may be mentioned that, once the run of a piece had begun, he was sufficiently volatile, and in private life he was almost excessively so--a fact which had been noted at an early date by the keen-eyed authorities of his University, the discovery leading to his tearing himself away from Alma Mater by request with some suddenness.
They say that at Sevastopol, soon after Alma, the clever people were in a terrible fright that the enemy would attack openly and take Sevastopol at once.
The university will be taking advantage of Almas powerful analytics, streamlined workflows, and unified management of print and electronic resources.
De esta manera, parece que para Platon existen almas que de manera natural tienen cualidades que las predisponen a una vida dedicada al conocimiento y la sabiduria, mientras que otras pueden acceder a estos estados a partir de la educacion.
People during the opening of the 10th edition of Almas Bazar Exhibition, the ultimate women?
Por ahora habria que dudar, como siempre, de lo dicho por Herodoto: la creencia en la transmigracion de las almas debe haber brotado en la insondable antiguedad del Indostan, cuyo pueblo se ha dado con frenesi a estas fantasticas mutaciones.
Si consideramos tambien las respuestas a estas objeciones, podemos completar esta explicacion, mas alla de la categorizacion superior del alma humana, en relacion a las almas de los otros seres vivos e incluso, a la forma de otros seres materiales.