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 (äl′mə-tē′) Formerly Al·ma-A·ta (äl′mə-ä′tə, əl-mä′ə-tä′)
A city of Kazakhstan in the southeast part of the country near the border of Kyrgyzstan. Founded in the 1850s as a Russian fort and trading post, the city served as the capital of Kazakhstan from 1929 to 1997 and is the commercial and cultural center of the country.


(Placename) a city in SE Kazakhstan; capital of Kazakhstan (1991–97): an important trading centre. Pop: 1 103 000 (2005 est). Former name (until 1927): Verny Also called: Alma-Ata


(ˈæl mə ti)
a city in SE Kazakhstan: the former capital. 1,172,400. Formerly, Alma-Ata.
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Noun1.Almaty - the largest city in Kazakhstan and the capital until 1998Almaty - the largest city in Kazakhstan and the capital until 1998
Kazakhstan, Kazakstan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazak, Kazakh - a landlocked republic to the south of Russia and to the northeast of the Caspian Sea; the original Turkic-speaking inhabitants were overrun by Mongols in the 13th century; an Asian soviet from 1936 to 1991
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Against this backdrop, Huawei hosted its Global Energy Industry Summit 2015 with the theme of "Innovative ICT Enables Smart Energy" in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from August 19 to 20, 2015.
of the 2022 Games, which is being contested by Almaty, Kazakhstan and
com 26-27: Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Summit 2015 Venue: TBC, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
This position will require frequent travel to Almaty, Kazakhstan and will report to Freedom House s Project Director in Almaty.
TWO-TIME Olympic bronze medalist Paddy Barnes has moved up from light-fly to flyweight for the AIBA Elite Men's World Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Almaty, Kazakhstan : An unmanned Russian rocket carrying three navigation satellites crashed shortly after lift-off from the Russian-leased Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, Russian media reported.
This plan of action was a revised version of the proposal that the Group 5+1 presented in Almaty 1 (on February 26-27) and contained the considerations raised during the experts meeting (in Istanbul from March 17 to 18)," Jalili told reporters after four rounds of talks with the representatives of the six world powers in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Friday and Saturday.
The common capacities of the two sides will be further activated with the expansion of bilateral cooperation in the various political, economic and security fields," Saeed Jalili said in a meeting with his Kazakh counterpart in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Thursday.
Dubai: The UAE Under-19s national rugby team won promotion to division two of the Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU) U19 XVs Championship in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Saturday.
ASTANA, October 17, 2011(TUR) - Turkic Language Speaking Countries Cooperation Council will hold its first meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
The carrier stated that to facilitate the launch it will be reducing its current four times weekly service to Almaty, Kazakhstan, to three times weekly.
Meanwhile, Air Arabia yesterday opened its first fully-dedicated sales shop in Almaty, Kazakhstan.