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 (ăl′ə-mănd′, -mänd′, ăl′ə-mănd′, -mänd′)
a. A stately 16th-century dance in duple meter.
b. Music The music for this dance, often used as the first movement of a suite.
2. A lively dance of the mid-18th century in triple meter.

[French, feminine of allemand, German, from Latin Alemannī, an ancient Germanic tribe; see Alemanni.]


(ˈælɪmænd; French almɑ̃d)
1. (Classical Music) the first movement of the classical suite, composed in a moderate tempo in a time signature of four-four
2. (Dancing) any of several German dances
3. (Dancing) a figure in country dancing or square dancing by means of which couples change position in the set
[C17: from French danse allemande German dance]


(ˈæl əˌmænd, -ˌmɑnd)

1. a 17th- and 18th-century dance in slow duple time.
2. a piece of music based on its rhythm.
3. a German folk dance in triple meter.
[1675–85; < French, short for danse allemande German dance]
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Noun1.allemande - egg-thickened velouteallemande - egg-thickened veloute    
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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47) Andrew Boorde warns against giving wine to young unmarried women: "wynes hyghe and hote of operacyon doth co<m>fort olde men and women, but there is no wyne good for chyldren and maydes, for in hyghe Almayne [Germany] there is no mayde shall drynke no wyne, but styl she shal drynke water vnto she be maried.