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n.1.See Almandine
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Neighboring retailers along Washington Street and nearby Front, Water and Main Streets include Starbucks, Equinox, Peas & Pickles, Jacques Torres Chocolate, Almondine Bakery, One Girl Cookies and West Elm.
As for those green beans made with cream-based soup, switch it up by making green bean almondine or green bean salad, offering a fresh flavorful alternative to a casserole made with high-sodium canned soup.
Nils "Karen" ski jacket in Almondine, $450; Sportique, 141 Township Ave.
We're talking classic dishes from around the world here, from Mole Negro and Green Beans Almondine to Indian Chapati flatbread, a spicy Portuguese classic Shrimp Mozambique, or an Italian-American Veal Piccata.
As you may well imagine, I licked my chops all morning long as I hammered away at my tasks, and at noon I sat down with the appetite of ten men, eagerly awaiting the trout almondine I so dearly love, when, brace yourself, the kitchen door finally swung open and I saw set down before me a dish of cauliflower gratin, whose sickly scent instantly turned my stomach.
99 and filets of salmon, swordfish and a haddock almondine for a buck or two less.
Side Kits will initially be available in three flavors: Asian Tamari, Classic Almondine and Garlic Parmesan.
Lobster Mac n Cheese, Trout Almondine, Thai Poon Shrimp, Lobster Tails.
First, she'd deposit the cash at the bank, mail in her rent payment, then treat herself to an almondine croissant at Le Panier French bakery if it was open yet.
Edgar, born mute, works with his parents to raise dogs of a special breed and one of them is his beloved lifelong pet Almondine.
Baffling dishes for him included spring pea soup with fernleaf lavender, Dover sole almondine and saddle of spring lamb with roasted artichokes.
Recommendable dishes: Thin-crust rectangular pizzas, chicken marsala, various steaks, sand dabs almondine.