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n.1.See Almandine
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"She came out of the main entrance by Almondine bakery.
While the dish has been updated over the years, it is currently features Sauteed Allegheny Mountain Trout Almondine and is served with marble potatoes, haricots verts, macerated grapes and brown butter sauce.
Try dishes such as Alaskan halibut chowder, Alaskan halibut ceviche and Alaskan halibut almondine. On Thursday, March 28, the restaurant will host a Go Beyond the Glass wine dinner featuring Steve Grass from Pali Wine Co.
One ribbon's curl is shorter than that of its (approximate) mirror image, while the almondine shape created when a string passes through a loop is larger on one side than on the other.
Neighboring retailers along Washington Street and nearby Front, Water and Main Streets include Starbucks, Equinox, Peas & Pickles, Jacques Torres Chocolate, Almondine Bakery, One Girl Cookies and West Elm.
As for those green beans made with cream-based soup, switch it up by making green bean almondine or green bean salad, offering a fresh flavorful alternative to a casserole made with high-sodium canned soup.
Beautifully and profusely illustrated from cover to cover, the thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes range from Frosted Banana Bars; Swedish Raspberry Almond Bars; Caramel Brownies; and Irish Butterscotch Bars; to Nutty Cheesecake Squares; Frosted Peanut Butter Bars; Strawberry Almondine; Fudge Brownie Pie; and Cherry-Coconut Chocolate Torte.
Nils "Karen" ski jacket in Almondine, $450; Sportique, 141 Township Ave., Ste.
We're talking classic dishes from around the world here, from Mole Negro and Green Beans Almondine to Indian Chapati flatbread, a spicy Portuguese classic Shrimp Mozambique, or an Italian-American Veal Piccata.
He gives the narratorial floor over to a man haunted by a deep loathing for cauliflower gratin (and by a no less passionate fondness for trout almondine), and then, in a series of footnotes, lays out the many ways in which he diverges from that narrator.
There's lazy lobster and broiled seafood combos for $18.99 and filets of salmon, swordfish and a haddock almondine for a buck or two less.
Side Kits will initially be available in three flavors: Asian Tamari, Classic Almondine and Garlic Parmesan.