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Noun1.Almoravid - a member of a Muslim dynasty of Berber warriors that flourished from 1049 to 1145 and that established political dominance over northwestern Africa and Spain
Berber - a member of an indigenous people of northern Africa
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A Tuareg Berber and a disciple of the religious leader Mahdi Mohammed ibn-Tumart; leader of the Almohad sect after Tumart's death (1130), he struggled with the waning Almoravid dynasty for control of Morocco (1130-1140); assumed the title of caliph (1140); defeated the Almoravids in Morocco (1140-1147) and invaded Spain (1145); captured Cordoba (1148), Almeria (1151), and Granada (1154), subduing all of Muslim Spain; repulsed an invasion of southern Spain by Alfonso VII of Castile and Leon (1157); led a series of campaigns east along the African coast, subjugating North Africa as far as western Tripolitania (1149-1160); died in 1163.
In 1091, the Abbasid kingdom fell into the hands of the Almoravid dynasty, a Berber imperial dynasty of Morocco.
Ibn Tumart, the founder of the Almoravid dynasty, encouraged Ibn Bajjah to discuss religious matters with him, given the latter's love of knowledge.