Almost nothing

scarcely anything.

See also: Almost

References in classic literature ?
I myself have almost nothing left, and what I am going to do I know not.
He said almost nothing, and smiled rarely; but as he rested there we all had a sense of his utter content.
Her disappointment in her mother was greater: there she had hoped much, and found almost nothing.
It is true that the science of medicine, as it now exists, contains few things whose utility is very remarkable: but without any wish to depreciate it, I am confident that there is no one, even among those whose profession it is, who does not admit that all at present known in it is almost nothing in comparison of what remains to be discovered; and that we could free ourselves from an infinity of maladies of body as well as of mind, and perhaps also even from the debility of age, if we had sufficiently ample knowledge of their causes, and of all the remedies provided for us by nature.
There is almost nothing that has such a keen sense of fun as a fallen leaf.
She cared nothing for the value of it, and in this case almost nothing for the honor; she wanted to please Mr.
All this was the growth of the last few years--there had been almost nothing of it when Ostrinski first came to Chicago.
he said, "nothing, almost nothing -- scratches, nothing more; two in the arm and one in the breast.
Ginevra offered them for almost nothing, but without success.
They did not strike unless success were sure and the danger of detection almost nothing, and so the arrows and the spears were few and far between, but so persistent and inevitable that the slow-moving column of heavy-laden raiders was in a constant state of panic--panic at the uncertainty of who the next would be to fall, and when.
It was because the projectile then "weighed" almost nothing.
It is formally a narrative poem, but in fact almost nothing happens in it; it is really expository and descriptive--a very clever partisan analysis of a situation, enlivened by a series of the most skilful character sketches with very decided partisan coloring.