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All the men and maids of the house, the old women of the Alms House, whom the elder Sir Pitt had cheated out of a great portion of their due, the parish clerk's family, and the special retainers of both Hall and Rectory were habited in sable; added to these, the undertaker's men, at least a score, with crapes and hatbands, and who made goodly show when the great burying show took place--but these are mute personages in our drama; and having nothing to do or say, need occupy a very little space here.
Surely, there must be better ways to give compensation without turning the University into alms house.
The Kuwaiti Alms House is one of the national apparatuses that work for addressing the humanitarian message of His Highness the Amir to those in need in various corners of the world.
The projects, implemented by the Royal Charity Organisation in cooperation with Egypt's Zakat and Alms House, include two complexes and two health centres built for Al Azhar Al Sharif in Egypt.
Designs for Live Theatre development Liveworks includes a commercial office building, a new public park and performance space, and the conversion of an existing 19th-Century alms house into a children and young people's writing centre.
He added: "The location of an alms house for the poor within the same structure as a quarantine facility for infectious diseases stresses the low value attached by Boston's city fathers to the lives of the indigent Irish immigrant.
AUGHTON: A charity garden party for St Joseph's Hospice is being held at the Alms House opposite St Michael's Church on Saturday, June 2.
See Guardians of the Poor, Committee on Bastardy, 1821-1825, Philadelphia City Archives; Guardians of the Poor, Alms House Hospital Register of Births, Lying-In Department, Philadelphia Alms House, 6 vols.
What is frequently acknowledged as the first hospital in the United States, Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, was itself derived from an institution called the Philadelphia Alms House, denoting its obvious charitable legacy.
The donated food is offered by Kuwait Alms House, the International Islamic Charity Organization and individual donors.
The exhibition contains historical artefacts from the Holy Jesus Hospital in Newcastle, which served as an alms house and soup kitchen to the poor and disadvantaged in the middle ages.