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The capital of Niue, on its western coast.
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Thursday night's GPP Slidefest featured Saudi artists and photographers such as Tasneem Alsultan, Nasreen Shaikh Jamal Al-Lail, Moath Alofi and Saad Tahaitah, as well as UAE photographer Ammar Al Attar.
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The house will include a 'Majlis area' showcasing the work of Sara Maiman; 'Photography Room' by Khlood Alkhaldi, Moath Alofi and Abdulrahman Aldgelbi; an 'Asiri/Al Qatt Room' by Ibraheem Alalmai and Nouf Binshaieg; the 'Embroidery/Stitching Room' by Mashail Faqeeh and Nojoud Alsudairi; 'Calligraphy & Graffitti Room' by Ayman Alhafith, Maha Al-Ghanmi and Maryam Abushal; and Aeysha Enani; there are also two rooms dedicated to portraiture -- the 'Abstract Portrait Room' by Mudi Albednah, Sara Alshobaili and the 'Egal Room' by Mohanna Tayeb.
The exhibition 'Saudi Seen' presents myriad work ranging from intimate vignettes detailing women's narratives by photographers Eman Al Dabbagh and Tasneem Al Sultan, to commanding images of Saudi landscapes by Adriano Pimenta, Akram Alamoudi and Moath Alofi.
[6] observed multiple active extensional zones including widespread areas composed of numerous individual volcanoes (e.g., Southeast Futuna volcanic zone (SEVZ)) and well organised spreading centers such as the Futuna and Alofi oceanic ridge.
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They are Ahmed Mohammed Yusuf, Khulaif Abdulla Alenizi, Karamat Ali Mohammed, Zaina Osama Alofi, Shaikha Aysha Mohammed Al Khalifa, Abdulmannan Mohammed Albastaki, Afrah Habib Hassan, Abdulnabi Abdulrahman Hassan, Reef Ali Marhoon, Hameed Jaffar Mohammed, Zahra Abdulnabi Ali Haji, Abdulla Ahmed Alsammak, Yahya Ali Buali, Ameena Isa Alsubiee, Afaf Hani Al Mudawib, Abdulla Ebrahim ___Al Fedhala, Mohammed Ayoob Sayed Ali, Aqeel Ali Hassan, Jaleel Khalil Haji Hussain and Abdulla Isa Sa'ad Sultan.