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 (ə-lŏn′zō, ä-lōn′sō), Alicia Born 1921.
Cuban ballerina and choreographer best known for her performances in Giselle and Agnes De Mille's Fall River Legend.
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Noun1.Alonso - Cuban dancer and choreographer (born in 1921)
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cannot your worship see that I am not Don Rodrigo de Narvaez nor the Marquis of Mantua, but Pedro Alonso your neighbour, and that your worship is neither Baldwin nor Abindarraez, but the worthy gentleman Senor Quixada?
lt;<Me siento responsable por este sufrimiento que quiero que termine ya>>, dice Alonso, ante un nuevo intento de reconciliacion
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DOUBLE world champion Fernando Alonso completed a remarkable 24 hours by qualifying a staggering seventh for the Spanish Grand Prix.
FERNANDO Alonso says he is fortunate to be alive after surviving one of the most spectacular F1 crashes in recent memory.
After he careered into the back of Esteban Gutierrez under braking, Alonso was merely a passenger as he slammed into the wall before barrel-rolling through the air twice.
TWO-TIME world Formula One champion Fernando Alonso insists he will be on the grid for the 2016 curtainraiser in Australia.
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FERNANDO Alonso has conceded he was not prepared to take risks with his health after doctors decided it would be unwise for him to race in the season-opening grand prix in Australia.
Enstone's team owner, Gerard Lopez claimed that if Fernando Alonso should return to the cockpit of a formula one car from Enstone in the future, he wouldn't be surprised.
FERNANDO Alonso edged ahead of Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg to offer Ferrari a glimmer of hope of success in Canada this weekend.