alpha helix

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alpha helix

A secondary structure of proteins, characterized by a single, spiral chain of amino acids stabilized by hydrogen bonds.

[From alpha-form, the form taken by unstretched protein molecules.]

al′pha-hel′i·cal (-hĕl′ĭ-kəl, -hē′lĭ-) adj.

alpha helix

(Biochemistry) biochem a helical conformation of a polypeptide chain, found abundantly in the structure of proteins

al′pha he′lix

the spatial configuration of many protein molecules in which the polypeptide backbone is stabilized by hydrogen bonds between amino acids in successive helical turns.
alfa uzvojnica
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The most expanded product contained the most alpha helical structures intact.
At 3 [degrees] C, most of the protein is in its alpha helical shape, and the crystals grow in only one direction, forming long columns.