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A similar effect on body weight should be anticipated from the intestinal alpha-glucosidase inhibitor (acarbose); however, its efficiency depends on the carbohydrate contents of diet.
PIONEER 10 was a 57-week, randomised, open-label, active-controlled, parallel-group, multi-centre, single country trial with four treatment arms, comparing the safety, tolerability and efficacy of 3, 7 and 14 mg oral semaglutide with 0.75 mg dulaglutide (the approved dose by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) in Japan) in Japanese people with type 2 diabetes inadequately controlled with one oral antidiabetic drug (sulfonylurea, glinide, thiazolidinedione, alpha-glucosidase inhibitor or sodium glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitor).
(5) For dual therapy, metformin should be used plus another agent, in the following order of preference: GLP-1 receptor agonist, SGLT-2 inhibitor, DPP-4 inhibitor, thiazolidinedione, basal insulin, colesevelam (a bile acid sequestrant), bromocriptine (a dopamine-receptor agonist), alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, and, last, sulfonylurea.
Acarbose (Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitor) and metformin are of T2DM medications.
Kihara et al., "DPP-4 inhibitor and alpha-glucosidase inhibitor equally improve endothelial function in patients with type 2 diabetes: EDGE Study," Cardiovascular Diabetology, vol.
Combination therapy of alpha-glucosidase inhibitor and a sulfonylurea compound prolongs the duration of good glycemic control.
Repetitive postprandial hyperglycemia increases cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury: prevention by the alpha-glucosidase inhibitor acarbose.
Miglitol, a new alpha-glucosidase inhibitor. Expert Opin Pharmacother 1999; 1:149-56.
In addition, in May 2007, we received approval in Japan for an additional indication of Glufast(R) for combination therapy with alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, Alpha-GI.
STOP-NIDDM was an international randomized trial in which 1,368 patients with impaired glucose tolerance were randomized to acarbose--an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor that delays glucose absorption--or placebo.
(34.) Hamada, Y., Nagasaki, H., Fuchigami, M., Furuta, S., Seino, Y., Nakamura, J., Oiso, Y The alpha-glucosidase inhibitor miglitol affects bile acid metabolism and ameliorates obesity and insulin resistance in diabetic mice.