Alpine glacier

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Noun1.Alpine glacier - a glacier that moves down from a high valleyAlpine glacier - a glacier that moves down from a high valley
glacier - a slowly moving mass of ice
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A heterogeneous collection of navigable balloons of all sizes and types gathered over the Bernese Oberland, crushed and burnt the twenty-five Swiss air-ships' that unexpectedly resisted this concentration in the battle of the Alps, and then, leaving the Alpine glaciers and valleys strewn with strange wreckage, divided into two fleets and set itself to terrorise Berlin and destroy the Franconian Park, seeking to do this before the second air-fleet could be inflated.
All Swiss Image products have 'Alpine Glacier Water' that is rich in biologically active properties and is easily absorbed by the skin due to its ideal molecular size.
An Alpine glacier is a river of ice that slides imperceptibly down a mountainside.
The demise of the Alpine glacier to which Hintermeier has devoted his scholarly life palpably demonstrates that today's consumerist humans certainly do not live in such accord.
You could also stop and visit the Alpine glacier ice caves as you make your way down.
High & Blighty was written to commemorate the start of the World War I centenary and followed the madcap adventures of two airmen, Bunny and Ginger, in their quest to return home after being frozen inside an Alpine glacier for almost a century.
Theakstone, "Recent climatic significance of chemical signals in a shallow firn core from an alpine glacier in the South-Asia monsoon region," Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, vol.
A 5,300-year-old man found sticking out of an Alpine glacier in 1991 possessed more genes in common with Neandertals than Europeans today do.
Summary: DNA testing suggests Oetzi, a 3,500-year-old mummy found in an Alpine glacier in 1991, had brown eyes and was lactose intolerant.
Melting ice can unlock ancient secrets from the ground, as with the discovery in 1991 of "Oetzi," a 5,300-year-old warrior whose body had been preserved through the millennia inside an Alpine glacier.
People have tried everything from prayer, to natural biocides (Otzi, the 5,300-year-old hunter found frozen in an Alpine glacier in 1991, carried fungal oils to treat intestinal parasites), to cautery (scorching wounds with a hot iron).