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Variant of alpenhorn.


(ˈælpˌhɔːn) or


(Instruments) music a wind instrument used in the Swiss Alps, consisting of a very long tube of wood or bark with a cornet-like mouthpiece
[C19: from German Alpenhorn Alps horn]
cor des Alpes
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The next thing he suggests will be someone in lederhosen blowing an alpine horn near the proposed artificial ski slope.
In addition to the Alpine horn, tuned cow bells, a saw and wooden spoons were played.
A Surprise for Giraffe and Elephant tells of Elephant, who has a lot to say about surprises that include alpine horn serenades and surprise parties.
More than 500 Alpine horn players blew away the world record for the largest ensemble of people playing the instrument on Saturday in the Swiss region of Zermatt, home to the Matterhorn mountain.
The fact that the number plates visible don''t have a letter identifying the year suggests that this picture could be before 1963 Left: This Alpine horn player from Basle, Switzerland, was one of the contestants at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod in July 1977
It had the same effect as you get blowing down an alpine horn, with a little scream at the end.
Barely perceptible pizzicato moments built into that serene moment when what is supposed to be an Alpine horn calls out over the orchestra - famously thought to be Brahms incorporating the chimes of Great St Mary's, the university church of Cambridge.
Charva fashions should be recognised by Europe as a local dress, similar to Swiss Alpine horn yodellers and German knee-slappers.
Bill, who is also master of the harmonica, alpine horn and washboard, began his yodelling career in his home town of Carlisle.
We have an alpine horn, Bavarian dancers, a beer stein holding contest, a beer drinking contest, a lederhosen contest and a dirndl contest.
How else to explain duos of yodeling, harmonica and Alpine horn (think Ricola ads) and a mountain-scaling band of soldiers?