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Noun1.Alpinia - perennial rhizomatous herbs of Asia and Australia and Polynesia having ginger-scented rhizomesAlpinia - perennial rhizomatous herbs of Asia and Australia and Polynesia having ginger-scented rhizomes
plant genus - a genus of plants
family Zingiberaceae, ginger family, Zingiberaceae - a family of tropical monocotyledonous plants of order Musales
Alpinia galanga, galangal - southeastern Asian perennial with aromatic roots
Alpinia officinalis, Alpinia officinarum, lesser galangal - Chinese perennial with pyramidal racemes of white flowers and pungent aromatic roots used medicinally and as flavoring
Alpinia purpurata, red ginger - an ornamental ginger native to Pacific islands
Alpinia speciosa, Alpinia Zerumbet, Languas speciosa, shall-flower, shell ginger, shellflower - cultivated for its shining oblong leaves and arching clusters of white flowers with pink shading and crinkled yellow lips with variegated magenta stripes
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Oil of Alpinia purpurata was highly effective against weevil as food deterrent or disrupted the nutritional status but biocidal action was slow when applied on the insect cuticle (Lira et al., 2015).
Besides this, there will also be a continuation of lane closures involving three stages at Jalan Putra Permai, the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) and Persiaran Alpinia from June 12 until July 12 and duration of work is from 11pm until 5am.
HPLC-ESI-MS/MS profiling of polyphenolics of a leaf extract from Alpinia zerumbet (Zingiberaceae) and its anti-Inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, and antipyretic activities in vivo.
Genus Amomum is the second largest genus after Alpinia Roxb.
Preparations from the leaves of Alpinia zerumbet (Pers.) Burtt & Smith (family Zingiberaceae), also known as Alpinia speciosa (J.
Galangal (Alpinia galanga), a member of the ginger family, is an aromatic spice that is widely used in Southeast Asia [11].
Liu et al., "The effects of sesquiterpenes-rich extract of Alpinia oxyphylla Miq.