Alpinia galanga

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Noun1.Alpinia galanga - southeastern Asian perennial with aromatic roots
ginger - perennial plants having thick branching aromatic rhizomes and leafy reedlike stems
Alpinia, genus Alpinia, genus Languas, genus Zerumbet - perennial rhizomatous herbs of Asia and Australia and Polynesia having ginger-scented rhizomes
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Hypolipidemic effect of Alpinia galanga (Rasna) and Kaempferia galanga (Kachoori).
The plant species Alpinia galanga belongs to the family of Zingiberaceae is a perennial herb with rhizomatous root stocks and is mainly known in Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand), as a drug prepared from the rhizomes and roots and is used as tea or tincture with spasmolytic, antiphlogistic and antibacterial effects, also is used as stomachicum and against gastric diseases [16].
Tissue cultured Alpinia galanga plantlets when subjected to assessment of genetic stability using RAPD markers produced banding profiles that were monomorphic and similar to those of the mother plant (Parida et al.
Caption: Alpinia galanga is a close relative of Alpinia officinarum.
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Tambien, el extracto etanolico de Piper betle, Alpinia galanga y Allium ascalonicum mostraron actividad antidermatofitica sobre T.
Antiplasmid activity of 1-acetoxychavicol acetate from Alpinia galanga against multi-drug resistant bacteria.
Three RCTs evaluated ginger extracts prepared from the rhizomes of Zingiber officinale and Alpinia galanga.
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Supercritical Stress Advantage[TM] includes the herbs schizandra, American ginseng, eleuthero, rhodiola, curcuma xanthorrhiza, alpinia galanga, turmeric, astragalus and ginger to help support men and women under stress.