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Peace came--it was all very immense, one had turned into an Empire--but he knew that some quality had vanished for which not all Alsace-Lorraine could compensate him.
"We all have an idea," Kinsley replied grimly; "India for Russia; a large slice of China for Japan, with probably Australia thrown in; Alsace-Lorraine for France's neutrality.
It was in 1987, the Great Truce having been dissolved, that the ancient quarrel between France and Germany over Alsace-Lorraine recrudesced.
Right at the centre of the river Rhine lies Alsace-Lorraine; a piece of land strategically important for almost the same reasons as those of Kashmir.
Historical significance added to Alsace-Lorraine's value as this piece of land had separated the Roman-ruled Gaul (modern-day France) from the Germanic tribe who attained their independence despite the Roman thirst for new regions.
France regained Alsace-Lorraine after World War I, ceded it back to Germany early in World War II, and then regained it permanently after that war.
Following the battle front in detail, the authors remind us in the first chapter that in August 1914, Alsace-Lorraine immediately became an important battleground, allowing the French to temporarily regain Sarrebourg, Mulhouse, and Colmar.
In schools, children were taught how to draw the whole of the German empire (or French, depending), with Alsace-Lorraine firmly within, until they knew the shape by heart and felt a strong sense of connection and pride to the greater entity.
But Europe's new political maturity is coinciding with the decay of Europe's old industrial fabric: the destiny of this little corner of Alsace-Lorraine is reflected across Europe, in Charleroi and Tyneside, in Sagunto and Brescia.
Alsace-Lorraine offers historians precise comparisons between the two nations.
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