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Noun1.Alsophila - geometrid mothsAlsophila - geometrid moths      
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Geometridae, Geometridae - measuring worms
Alsophila pometaria - North American moth with grey-winged males and wingless females; larvae are fall cankerworms
fall cankerworm - green or brown white-striped looper; larva of Alsophila pometaria
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Other preferred species in the Lower Highland Seasonal Forest are Diatenopteryx sorbifolia, Ateleia glazioveana and Alsophila setosa, according to studies by REITZ et al.
Entre as 10 primeiras especies com maior valor de importancia, a elevada dominancia tambem determinou as posicoes de Psychotria vellosiana, Matayba guianensis, Aspidosperma parvifolium e Alchornea triplinervia, enquanto a elevada densidade e/ou a alta frequencia determinou as posicoes de Myrcia pubipetala, Alsophila setosa, Cabralea canjerana e Sorocea bonplandii.
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