Alsophila pometaria

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Noun1.Alsophila pometaria - North American moth with grey-winged males and wingless femalesAlsophila pometaria - North American moth with grey-winged males and wingless females; larvae are fall cankerworms
geometrid, geometrid moth - slender-bodied broad-winged moth whose larvae are called measuring worms
Alsophila, genus Alsophila - geometrid moths
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For example, White and Whitman (2000) found significantly higher fall cankerworm (Alsophila pometaria Harris; Lepdioptera: Geometridae) densities and percentage defoliation on potted cottonwoods (Populus spp.; Malpighiales; Salicaceae) placed under the worm's preferred host, box elder (Acer neguncki L.; Sapindales: Sapindaceae), than on isolated cottonwoods or cottonwoods placed under conspecifics.
In this study we document associational susceptibility among hosts of the fall cankerworm (Alsophila pometaria).
The origin and distribution of clonal diversity in Alsophila pometaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).
The role of parthenogenesis and female aptery in microgeographic, ecological adaptation in the fall cankerworm, Alsophila pometaria Harris (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).
For example, Futuyma and Phillipi (1987) found mostly positive correlations between larval survival and weight of Alsophila pometaria reared on four tree species.