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Any of several South American perennial herbs of the genus Alstroemeria, popular as cut flowers for their showy, variously colored blooms.

[New Latin, genus name, after Baron Clas Alstroemer (1736-1794), Swedish naturalist.]
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(Plants) any plant of the tuberous perennial liliaceous genus Alstroemeria, originally S American, grown for their brightly coloured orchid-like flowers. Also called: Peruvian lily
[named by Linnaeus for his friend Baron Klas von Alstroemer]
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Noun1.alstroemeria - any of various South American plants of the genus Alstroemeria valued for their handsome umbels of beautiful flowersalstroemeria - any of various South American plants of the genus Alstroemeria valued for their handsome umbels of beautiful flowers
liliaceous plant - plant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber
genus Alstroemeria - genus of showy South American herbs with leafy stems; sometimes placed in family Alstroemeriaceae or in family Amaryllidaceae
Alstroemeria pelegrina, lily of the Incas, Peruvian lily - an Andean herb having umbels of showy pinkish-purple lily-like flowers
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Retailers can also look to other regions to "borrow" ideas on hot floral attributes, including fruit trees, specific blooms such as alstromeria and bouquet sizes.
However, show-goers also sampled carnations, lilies, alstromeria, gypsophilla, eryngiums, arabicum, hypericum and statice, amongst many others.
Lilies, or alstromeria, represent friendship and devotion.
The main cut flowers grown in Kenya are roses, carnations, and Alstromeria.
Plant some mauve Verbena bonariensis which will drift through and provide vertical height to create a ALSTROMERIA delightful early autumn border.
Joy (standard [pounds sterling]36.99, medium [pounds sterling]41.99, large [pounds sterling]46.99 and deluxe [pounds sterling]56.99): A hand-tied bouquet in shades of purple, and lime accented with white roses and alstromeria is a joy to receive.
A massive arrangement of white hybrid delphinium, white Virginia alstromeria lilies, white beauty eremurus, white gladioli, cream snapdragons, white hydrangeas, white mountain lilies and Creme de la Creme roses was positioned at the back of the altar.
(2007) reported 20 mg/L hygromycin for optimum selection of the explants of a monocotyledon plant, alstromeria.
The flowers include carnations, roses, statice, lilies, hypericum and alstromeria.