(Pop Music) a genre of country music originating in the 1990s and influenced by both early country music and contemporary rock music
[C20: from alt(ernative) + country]
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LUCINDA WILLIAMS Blessed (Lost Highway) SHE may have found love but alt.
These guys were a real treat with their effortless mix of all that's best in alt.
Multiple instrumentalist, sure-handed songwriter and producer of many of the best alt.
It is a saga, as Jay Farrar, Tweedy's former bandmate in alt.
songwriter Ryan Adams contin-Prolifi ues the rousing return to form that began with Easy Tiger, building accessible pop and rock from alt.
Their Winnipeg-based band may labor under a noirish worldview (the album's prettiest ballad is called ``Bad Ideas''), but their musical presentation runs a high-kick gamut from alt.
They finally got it together in 1999 inspired by The Cure, DJ Shadow and a smattering of psychedelia and alt.
Adams plainly refuses to be pigeonholed under the alt.
Initially, it's a little alarming to hear Australian alt.
WITH her debut album The Captain, Australian songwriter Kasey Chambers won over the queen of alt.
Will Tang is one of Britain's best-kept secrets, his smooth Steve Winwood-style vocal almost alt.
I don't know what they put in the moonshine of those North Carolina alt.