(Pop Music) a genre of country music originating in the 1990s and influenced by both early country music and contemporary rock music
[C20: from alt(ernative) + country]
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LUCINDA WILLIAMS Blessed (Lost Highway) SHE may have found love but alt.
These guys were a real treat with their effortless mix of all that's best in alt.
Multiple instrumentalist, sure-handed songwriter and producer of many of the best alt.
It is a saga, as Jay Farrar, Tweedy's former bandmate in alt.
Their Winnipeg-based band may labor under a noirish worldview (the album's prettiest ballad is called ``Bad Ideas''), but their musical presentation runs a high-kick gamut from alt.
Will Tang is one of Britain's best-kept secrets, his smooth Steve Winwood-style vocal almost alt.
Initially, it's a little alarming to hear Australian alt.
FOR her fourth album Boston song-bird Eileen Rose infuses her alt.
I don't know what they put in the moonshine of those North Carolina alt.
TULSA troubadour Bob Collum steps off the Stateside alt.
They're both in their 50s but, d'you know, God Must Be Busy is almost an alt.
THE rootsy girl band led by Salt songstress Allison Russell and Be Good Tanyas founder Trish Klein return with an unplugged album that injects a down-home southern blues vibe into their alt.