Alta California

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Al·ta California

 (äl′tə) also Upper California
The former Spanish possessions along the Pacific coast north of the peninsula of Baja California. Early maps of the area often depicted California as an island. When this misconception was corrected in the 18th century, the peninsula came to be called Baja California and the rest of the mainland, Alta California.
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In this volume I have used portions of letters which I wrote for the Daily Alta California, of San Francisco, the proprietors of that journal having waived their rights and given me the necessary permission.
20pm) GoldenEye director Martin Campbell cracks the whip on a brilliant, old-fashioned swashbuckler, which reinvents the myth of Zorro as a masked crimefighter in poverty-stricken Alta California.
Using the best ingredients available and applying the techniques and values he learned in Michelin-starred restaurants, Salgado works to create a syncretic Alta California cuisine that represents Mexican food by putting real corn at the foundation.
Janin and Carlson trace the history of Spanish-speaking men and women who were born in Mexico's Alta California between the first Spanish colonies in 1769 and the surrender of California to the US in 1848, as well as Spanish speakers who moved there from elsewhere in Mexico, were descended from Californios, or who married one and spoke Spanish.
The innovators of the new Alta California cooking are discussed here too.
En el caso concreto de Fray Junipero, su decantado compromiso con los derechos de los naturales de la Alta California, que se tradujo en la denuncia de los abusos de que eran objeto por parte de los colonizadores, asi como su participacion directa en la fundacion de diversas misiones, entre otras las de San Diego (1769), San Carlos (1770), San Antonio (1771), San Francisco (1776) y San Buenaventura (1782), le permiten ahora ocupar un lugar de privilegio en la historia estadounidense, que se ve reflejado en la estatua que lo representa en el Capitolio, donde ocupa uno de los dos lugares asignados a californianos de merito.
The Forgotten Governor: Fernando de Rivera and the Opening of Alta California is a studious biography of Don Fernando de Rivera y Moncada (1725-1781), a Spanish soldier who also served as the third governor of Alta California.
Much dust has been kicked up by this canonization of the founder of the Spanish missions system in Alta California.
Los 10 mapas historicos muestran la rapidez que caracteriza la expansion de los nudos maritimos que desde la Alta California se intersectan con los de la Baja California y con los de la contracosta continental, desde Guaymas y Santa Rosalia hasta Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, y Tonala, Chiapas.
A column in the January 24,1850, Daily Alta California declared: "Our merchants must organize some system of private watchmen.
The Spanish Portola expedition charting Alta California arrived in September 1769 into the Los Osos Valley and camped in the Morro Bay territory.