Alta California

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Al·ta California

 (äl′tə) also Upper California
The former Spanish possessions along the Pacific coast north of the peninsula of Baja California. Early maps of the area often depicted California as an island. When this misconception was corrected in the 18th century, the peninsula came to be called Baja California and the rest of the mainland, Alta California.
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In this volume I have used portions of letters which I wrote for the Daily Alta California, of San Francisco, the proprietors of that journal having waived their rights and given me the necessary permission.
Situated on the Pacific coast, the historic City of Monterey was the capital of Alta California under both Spain and Mexico.
THURSDAY The Mask of Zorro (1998) (Sony Movie Channel, 3.20pm) GoldenEye director Martin Campbell cracks the whip on a brilliant, old-fashioned swashbuckler, which reinvents the myth of Zorro as a masked crimefighter in poverty-stricken Alta California. Antonio Banderas, clearly born to play the charming and athletic hero, cuts a fine swagger as the crusading avenger, striving to outwit the area's corrupt governor, and Anthony Hopkins is impressive as an aging Don Diego de la Vega, no longer able to fight the good fight on his own.
The innovators of the new Alta California cooking are discussed here too.
Este recibio en 1829, una extension de tierra en Baja California por el servicio que presto en el Presidio de San Diego, Alta California, Mexico.