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 (ăl′tə-mîr′ə, äl′tä-mē′rä)
A group of caverns of northern Spain west-southwest of Santander. The caves contain magnificent specimens of Paleolithic art discovered in 1879.


(Spanish altaˈmira)
(Placename) a cave in N Spain, SW of Santander, noted for Old Stone Age wall drawings


(ˌæl təˈmɪər ə)

a cave in N Spain, near Santander, noted for its Upper Paleolithic polychrome paintings of bison, deer, and pigs.


[ˌæltəˈmiːrə] N the Altamira caveslas cuevas de Altamira
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Contract notice: cleaning service in the national museum and research center of altamira.
Mexican construction company Avant Energy stated on Wednesday that it will contsruct a network of terminals, called SUPERA (Suministro de Petroliferos Altamira-Bajio), to supply refined petroleum products from the Port of Altamira, Tamaulipas to the Bajio region of North-Central Mexico.
7 at the end of 2015, occurred in the second half of 2017 "amid the largest ever merger ever undertaken in Cyprus, overshooting initial supervisory targets," the lender said in an emailed statement on Wednesday, two days after its partnership with Spain's Altamira came in effect.
The paintings, drawings, and petroglyphs in the Altamira cave in northern Spain are some of the most famous.
5 bln euros, announced a 49/51 joint venture with Altamira Asset Management SA of Spain to manage some 7.
Las redes sociales hicieron io propio en el caso de la Banda Sinfonica de Altamira, Tamaulipas: le dieron el empujon a los musicos para ser escuchados por la presidencia municipal .
Nesta pesquisa busca-se entender como e feita a comercializacao nos mercados institucionais dos principais produtos agricolas, pecuarios, peixe e florestais madeireiros e nao madeireiros pelas familias assentadas pelo programa de reforma agraria nos seguintes municipios da Amazonia: Altamira, Itaituba e Santarem?
6 May 2016 - US-based Intelligence and defense technology solutions provider Altamira Technologies Corp.
Medical personnel treated the injured workers at the scene of the collapse and then transported them to the city hospital in Altamira.
Berth occupancy was 45% at the port on Monday where five ships namely MSC General, MSC Altamira, Yasall Salsunar, Stolt Vestland and Bungaal Amanda are currently occupying berths to load/offlad containers, rape seed, chemical and edible oil respectively during last 24 hours.
Located in Altamira, Mexico, the plant will heighten production efficiency, as well as allow DuPont to adjust output higher or lower in response to variations in global demand, the company says.
NYSE: GOL) said that it filed a formal request to Brazil's National Civil Aviation Agency to operate flights to Carajas and Altamira, in the state of Para.