Altar screen

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Inside, there is seating around the central altar and, unusually for a Roman Catholic church, it has no altar screen and little in the way of decoration, leaving exposed bare concrete.
The room will showcase icons related to iconostases (or altar screen decorated with icons) in the museum collection, including a mid-1500s "Festival Row" deesis, a large scale "Mother of God," circa mid-1600s, a masterpiece "Not Made By Hands," circa mid-1500s, which would have capped the crest of an iconostasis wall, and a number of significant, new, folding iconostases used by priests visiting ill parishioners in outlying regions, distant from churches and in need of spiritual succor.
To the right of the entrance was an incredible golden retablo or altar screen with a statue of the Virgin in mourning and two paintings of Nativity scenes.
A Flickr view of the Reredos (altar screen) at Ullet Road Unitarian Church, Liverpool - with access kindly provided by Annette Butler - and For more flickr pictures, visit
Passage through the massive altar screen was blocked by a cloudy antique mirror; you, too, seemed to have vanished.