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n. pl. al·ter·i·ties
The state of being different, especially with respect to one's perception of one's identity within a culture; otherness.

[French altérité, otherness, Late Latin alteritās, Latin alter, other; see al- in Indo-European roots.]


(Philosophy) the quality of being different
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He explores its later application in Western culture, looking at the object of seduction, the memorial object: between wound and catharsis, the magical object: animating the inanimate, creating worlds: the mythopoetic force of objects, theatricalizing the fetish-object, the alterity of matter, and the object-icon.
In order to arrive at this conclusion, he argues for a reassessment of the relationship between alterity and similarity by dialectically refraining them as linked but opposed principles held in creative tension.
In this paper, I argue for humility and mature alterity as qualities consistent with authentic Christianity.
Singularizing the alterity under the form of face transforms responsibility into care.
Huang argues that the othered Native should be redeemed to the center of diaspora studies not as alterity within the self, but as a subject that comes to meet us face-to-face.
Alterity was the essential discovery of great voyages undertaken in 15th and 16th centuries.
Also, the work analyzes daring performances of alterity staged by "ancient negress" Joice Heth and fugitive enslave person Ellen Craft, seminal artists Adrian Piper and Howardena Pindell, and contemporary visual and music artists Simone Leigh and Nicki Minaj.
Literature, Exile, Alterity The New York Group of Ukrainian Poets
vkay (2011) and Wehrs (2013) prove the current importance of Emmanuel Levinas' ethic of alterity in the field of literary studies and, more particularly, in the critical analysis of contemporary fiction.
Characters manifest their desire for power, their anxieties, fantasies, obsessions, megalomaniac madness, the needs of being and of alterity or their search for identity by means of a real or imaginary double.
Alterity Inc declared that Brian Sweat has been selected as the company s new president and chief operating officer.
They cover translation as experience of alterity, ethics and politics of translation, and crossing the frontiers; the literature.