alternative school

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alternative school

A school that is nontraditional, especially in educational ideals, methods of teaching, or curriculum.

alter′native school`

a school having a flexible or nontraditional curriculum.
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Facilities consist of 13 elementary, two middle, two high schools, and one alternative high school.
facility rental for our two (2) alternative high school graduations.
The graduation ceremony for Al Kennedy Alternative High School in Cottage Grove will be held at 10 a.
Following a May 7 reception at Vanderbilt University, the first kick-off meeting of this Alternative High School Initiative (AHSI) Committee was held the next day at a new downtown YMCA facility.
Hendershott, currently director of field experiences for the Schar College of Education at Ashland University, has been an administrator at an alternative high school and a juvenile facility.
Worcester's Evening Alternative High School program at the Gerald Creamer Center started this fall to make sure students such as Miss Cicero don't drop out because of work and family responsibilities.
Findings of this study indicate that: (1) California's African American students are concentrated in relatively few counties and districts; (2) Raising overall African American student achievement is a work in progress (achievement in English and math has improved since 2003, but remain below grade level averages of Asian and white peers; African American male students experience less high school and post-secondary success than their female peers; African American students are over-represented in Special Education and alternative high school programs); (3) Local outcomes for African American students vary widely across the state; and (4) Improving the academic achievement and attainment of California's African American students should become a higher state priority.
Mary Gil, principal of Desert Sands High, has been working for the charter school for eight months and said that, after 40 years in education, she is really pleased with accomplishments at the alternative high school.
He comes from Kennedy Alternative High School in Cottage Grove.
In other business last night, the School Committee agreed to consider opening a night session of the alternative high school.
Dylan attended Valley Alternative High School in Van Nuys, a magnet school, and managed to keep his dancing under wraps for a time.

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